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​Every year, Murder in the Magic City does a gift basket auction to raise money for charity.  The baskets contain gift items and one mystery novel--often, but not necessarily, by one of our guest authors.

In past years, we have given money to Adult Literacy causes and The Crime Lab Project.  Almost all of the baskets are put together by my extremely wonderful and talented mother-in-law, Lynda Fenton.  So  I let her pick the charity.  

This year will be donating to Chloe's Fund.

Debby Nelson and her husband Glen founded Chloe’s Fund in 2017 after the death of their beloved pet, Chloe.  Chloe had a life of love, travel and joy.  Sadly, she had diabetes and Cushing’s Disease for many years and finally her little body just couldn’t survive.  Unlike our beloved furry family members, most of the animals at shelters have had lives of sadness and neglect.  One of the greatest needs continues to be a medical fund for the animals in the shelter. 

Chloe’s Fund was formed to provide for the medical needs of Florence Shelter animals. They take donations from the public and will be the recipient of this year’s money raised from the silent auction. Chloe’s Fund provides medical care for the animals and ensures the donations are spent responsibly, wisely and carefully. To date, they have been able to help over 400 animals.  They pay for emergency visits as well as surgeries for sick and injured animals.  They have raised over $87,000 since the beginning.  They are a 501c-3 non-profit, and checks should be made to Florence Shelter with Chloe’s Fund as the memo. Chloe’s Fund is so grateful to everyone who participates.

The baskets will be on display and auctioned silently throughout the day at Murder in the Magic City.  They start at very affordable prices.  Please consider bidding and therefore donating to this extremely important cause.

A Special Announcement

Dear Friends/Fans of Murder in the Magic City:

As I’m writing this note, it’s late July in 2020.  In order to put together MMC for 2021, we would have to start inviting authors next month, in August.  Due to the COVID-19 crisis, as well as the safer at home order in place here by the Governor, and after much consideration and discussion, we have decided NOT to have a Murder in the Magic City conference in 2021.  People are still (and rightly so) reluctant to travel and stay in hotels, and large gatherings are discouraged or outright banned.

We plan to pick this up again in 2022, so check this website next summer.  I hope by then we are well past this crisis and back on track economically.  I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. 
Stay well,
Margaret Fenton
Coordinator, Murder in the Magic City

And one more note: Beverly Brice LeBoeuf, who has been part of this event since the very beginning, is running for a place on the Homewood City Council. She is one of the most dedicated and responsible people I know and would be FANTASTIC at this job. Here's a link to her Facebook page.



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